For best quality, I always recommend viewing the two -minute tutorials at

For longer instructional videos (about 15 minutes each)--updated weekly with three lessons in each try this website"Teaching with Smartboards:

The following videos are lessons pertaining specifically to using the notebook software that comes with smartboards. some are made by me--some are made by others. All can be found at Under each video is a quick description of what is covered in the video. I purposely selected (and made) videos that are short (under 4 minutes mostly) and to the point:

Made by Smartvideos--Part I of making pages with keys--How to create reveal pages/ notes and objects; ALSO how to create a "reveal page that works with an eraser.

Made by Smartvideos--Part Ii of making pages with keys--How to create layered pages in notebook for other "reveal" sorts of activities: keys/answers that reveal themselves.

60 Sec Tech.--Creating objects, changing colors, adding text, changing background colors

60 Sec. Tech--Downloading the Toolkit and using the click and reveal features

60 Sec. Tech ---Using the gallery in notebook to group and lock objects.

60 Sec. Tech--Importing videos directly into notebook software so that you do not have to link into teacher tube or youtube.

60 Sec. Tech--Cloning items in a notebook page (so you can make an infinte amount. ALSO importing picture files into your notebook.

60 Sec. Tech--Part II of How to make a reveal a page. Watch Part I on making objects and text first.

60 Sec. Tech--Making new pages, naming pages, cloning pages in notebook software.

60 Sec. Tech--Spotlight, magnifier, and screen shade tools. Plus how to change the language.

60 Sec. Tech--Importing a word document into notebook.

60 Sec. Tech--Importing Powerpoint into notebook software so we can easily make notations and save as a PDF with your notes.

60 Sec. Tech--Changing handwriting into movable text font.

Smarterboards4us--Using gallery objects-tangram (notice you can enlarge the window to full size in the bottom right corner of the video).

Smarterboards4us--Using gallery objects-setting up a notebook file for a later lesson -angle measurement.

Smarterboards4us--Saving a hyperlink to a notebook page (so the entire lesson or unit can be accessible from the notebook lesson).

Smarterboards4us--Creating a notebook with a collection of lesson/unit items at-the-ready.

Smarterboards4us--Downloading premade lessons.

smarterboards4us--Gallery objects--More on how to resize, lock, unlock, and clone gallery objects