Welcome teachers!

If you have never used a wiki before, let me assure you it is an easy, fast, wonderfully collaborative online medium. The links below might fill you in on details of interest to you...

Explanation of wikis

I just want to see what is on this wiki--I am not interested in being a member or making additions and changes...

Becoming a contributing (words and ideas) member of this free wiki.

Enjoy! :)Bonita

We should agree on how to behave in this wiki...

  1. Understand that what you share here is SHARED, so it becomes community property. If you wish to retain some sort of copyright--post it only as a document attachment with your copyright instructions included. If you use something from this site in a workshop, training, book, or any other public and/ or money making way--please give credit to the wiki. You may not use private copyrighted material in that way without following the rules that person provided. We are all teachers here--please respect the work of your colleagues.
  2. Change only those items within the wiki that need correcting or clarification. -- the discussion area works as a place to hash over bigger changes prior to making them. (We can always use history to return to a previous version).
  3. Keep to the topic of smartboard classroom applications since that is what this wiki is meant to be. If you have something related you want to share or discuss you can make a miscellany page or give us a link to your blog or some other place for the other topic. That way we do not have to fish through too many extras to find the items we want.
  4. If someone else has already posted your idea--feel complimented (great minds think alike) and post something new and different. We don't want the wiki clogged up with lots of repeated material.
  5. If you want to change the organization in some way--speak up, try it out, we can always use the history feature to find our way back to some previous version of the wiki.
  6. ANYTHING else we need to agree upon? Add it in!
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