Member Privileges

Just hit the "EDIT THIS PAGE" button at the top of each page, and begin. Each page has its own "edit this page" button, so between pages, hit save and then go to the next page you wish to edit. Add in a relevant link that you know about. Add a summary of something you have tried that worked in your classroom. Add your thoughts to someone else's idea. The point of a shared space is that we can all add in our thoughts and the page becomes a cumulative diary of ideas.

The EDITING TOOLBAR should be familiar territory if you have used word processors before. Hit the world-with-paperclip key if you would like to turn something into a link. Roll your mouse over icons to see what they do. You can upload files, movies, documents, and pictures you wish to share.

Remember to hit SAVE before leaving any page or your work will not remain.

Also, there are discussion, history, and notify me tabs at the top margin that go with each page--so if you want to talk about something before posting it up--feel free to do so.

Note the navigation bar at the left. These topics are for an initial organization of the wiki. These will likely evolve over time. Feel free to force the evolution. If you hit "NEW PAGE" at the top you can create a new page and topic for the wiki. You can change the navigation titles, order, and listings by hitting the small "edit navigation" button at the bottom.

If you should run into problems with creating links to other pages in this wiki or even to outside webpages, try dragging the right bottom corner of the hyperlink instruction popup window until the popup is quite wide. There will be a save button at the widest point--often hidden from view if you do not enlarge the window,