This is a page where we can upload items we make (and find) for the smartboard (and are willing to share with others). To upload an item--select insert images and files from the editing toolbar.

There is a toolkit available at this link that, when downloaded, adds some fun templates to use with your notebook software. Try it out.
Toolkit Link

This professor is developing wonderful notebook activities in math--all fully described (and ready to download) on these pages:

Here are some notebook files created and shared by Smarterboards4us members that might be useful to other folks.

Teaching the Meaning of Double-Digit Divisors in Division. Dividing up hundreds blocks, tens blocks, and ones blocks to show the meaning of the division algorithm.

Teaching Area and Perimeter. In this notebook you allow students to rearrange 20 square blocks into closed shapes and then calculate square units by counting and then by using the formula for rectangles. then demonstate the difference between area and perimeter by using the marker to show the outside perimeter and how it calculates out.

Teaching mean, median, mode. In this notebook you can rearrange data sets into even columns to show the meaning of mean.

Measurement Review (It's named Ch. 9 review because that's what goes with my book.) There a few slides that go over measuring perimeter, paths, and temperature, and a couple of problem solving. The kids are meant to use the rulers on the slides, everything else is locked in place. For the temperatures, have them write it next to the thermometer and then unclick the box that says "hide temperature".

Teaching about Egyptian Pharaohs. This lesson reviews 3 major pharaohs; a graphic organizer is attached so that students may fill in key points about each pharaoh. (6th grade)

Influences of Farming Technology (Mesopotamia) (6th grade)

Reading & Language Arts
A lesson on indefinite pronouns.

Sentence Scramble - The following is a template/activity for sentence structure. It could be used for primary students or in my case upper grade ELL. I have scrambled up the words to simple sentences and students must put the words in the correct order like a puzzle. Each slide builds on the previous slide. I have left a blank slide at the end so that you can copy the slide as a gallery object and create your own sentence patterns. (Note- I found the idea on a smartboard site, but I simply cannot find the link anymore so I am not sure who to give the credit to. If you know the link please post.)

Silent "E" - Students drag the word from one side of the screen to the other side to reveal how the word changes when you place an "E" at the end.

Antonyms - Students drag the words from one side of the screen to the other to reveal the antonyms. There is a blank slide at the end to add your own words.

Vocabulary Building Activity - The following are several activities where students can name the objects orally or write the name of the object next to the object. Once students have identified the object they can drag it to the bottom rectangle to check their answers. I have left a blank slide at the bottom of each activity so that you could create a your own page of objects.

The smartboards' answer to a KWL chart


Blank Memory Board. Once you fill in the template lock the objects so that they will not move locations when students are using the board. Lock objects in place by clicking the drop down menu in the corner of each object and select "lock in place".