These are pages found to be particularly useful for use on a smartboard or for teachers who use smartboards. Feel free to add your own favorites and if you visit any of these pages, you can add commentary to let others know what you liked there.

Math pages
English/Writing pages
Reading pages
Fun pages for smartboards
Social Studies /geography pages
Science Pages
Fine Arts Pages
Quiz and Game pages

National Organizations for Teachers
Virtual Field Trips

Math pages-especially good with a projector and smartboard
Virtual Library of Manipulatives-interactive math applets online by grade level and type of math
Illuminations applets-interactive math activities online with lessons and ideas for teachers
Money-Making change
-->What I do with this page is get my kids into groups, give each group a whiteboard, and then let the group that gets the right answer come up and put the change on the Smart board. Then, I have the class give them thumbs up or down as to whether it's the smallest number of coins to use for the amount (so they get more points).

English/writing pages:
online activities/applets for writing poetry, learning about figurative language, and all sorts of writing forms
grammar lessons and exercises
A site with links to book lessons, authors, and other pages of interest to English teachers
Purdue online writing lab
Purdue writing lab resources--check out their powerpoints on writing and grammar!

Reading Pages:
I like this page because it has online activities in many of the language art standards. It's not the greatest for assessing kids online because there's no way to see the results, but it's a good tool to give us teachers questions in different standards. It also could be given to parents as an online resource that could help struggling readers.

Books available online:
Wonderful collection of online public library books with pictures and audio!
19th Century books online
webpage of quotes commentary and excerpts from 19th century books
books available online-beta version

Fun pages to see and try out on a smartboard:
Set of videos with quizzes on every subject area at practically every grade level. This is, unfortunately, a subscription service. There is a short free-trial. And some videos are offered free all the time. It is worth talking to powers-that-be to see if school or district licenses can be purchased.
interactive art site for student use
Crayola site with lessons and activities for children
yes...magnetic poetry online--great with a smartboard

Social Studies Pages:
This page is recommended for activities by Scott Foresman Social Studies text.
This is the page with the Social studies videos and such--must have login.
Primary documents online
Ancient Egyptian History - Create your own mummy!

Wow! A globe/map activity that is positively BUILT for the smartboard!
fun for learning about weather in other places
find out about any US National Park
aerial images online

Science Pages:
great page with mini video of science concepts from National Geographic
excellent resource for kid friendly life science concepts
Great for Weather and the interpretation of graphs and charts.
ideas for science lessons and projects
Cool online tools, pictures,and activities organized by grade level and subject/topic

Fine Arts Pages:
This site out of a Florida University offers many ideas and activities to spark creativity and arts thinking from children.
Fun tools that allow students to explore elements of art and then make their own works.
A site connecting teachers to arts resources and activities online
Famous artists' bios and artworks online

Educational Quiz and Game sites
Games and quizzes
PBS games including finding states and writing postcards
Vocabulary building game which donates rice to the hungry

Organizations for Teachers--

Some have websites with tools that work on smartboards. Most are information, lesson, and research sources.
Reading Association has many resources
National Association for Music Education
Math Association has many resources
Teachers of English Association has many resources
Good general teaching resource


Many have author and book pages, also some news sources listed here
For author and book links
Webpage of Simon and Schuster--authors, books, and other info
book orders and many activities and resources for students and teachers
Leading education news source
NY Times newspaper

Virtual Field Trips: