Here, we can talk about the activities we use the smartboard for in our respective rooms.

gallery timer--go to search in your gallery and "timer."if you scroll through the items in the gallery you will find three different versions of a timer that can be displayed on your smartboard and used for games, timing classroom activities, or studying time.

Word Blending-nothing like dragging the blended parts together on the notebook software.

Word Sorting-If you use Words their Way or Word Journeys as your spelling program, you will love the notebook (and or using Inspiration) to create large sorting cards for the students to sort words by patterns right on the board.

Here is a sample Inspiration document to show you how word sort cards can be made in Inspiration.

It can also be done in the Notebook (just takes a little longer without the rapid fire tool) Sample:

The Notebook Gallery
Using pre-made and self-made gallery objects like magnetic pieces to demonstrate math and science ideas.

Saving lessons--Use the notebook as your whiteboard space when teaching lessons. Use the Plus sign for new pages within the lesson. Then save lessons in a file to do a quick review the next day, for absent students, or to remind yourself how you taught it the first time...

Podcasting lessons-The Smartboard has a recorder that will tape the work you do on the board like a movie. It can then be edited in moviemaker--words added (unless you just used a microphone during the lesson--then no words are needed), and placed on a web page or server to share with students or other teachers.

DOL/ grammar study
If you type your DOL sentences onto different pages in a notebook--then each day you can return to prior pages to review skills as well as move on to the next sentence. In addition, the notebook can be saved with no changes for the following years.

Scanning in overheads/worksheets/book materials
To scan in a worksheet, graphic organizer, homework assignment, etc. and have it viewed on the smartboard, simply place the piece into a scanner that is connected to your smartboard computer. Open the notebook software and select "insert" from the drop down menu. Then select "from scanner." The scanner will scan and the item will appear on your notebook page! If it needs to be rotated use the scroll bar to move to the top of the document and when you find the little green circle hold it and turn. The whole document will rotate.

You can scan a whole set of worksheets, documents, and graphic organizers that you wish to use in a single lesson or unit. To scan a new document into the same file, hit the plus sign for the next page and choose insert/from scanner again.

  • brainstorming
If you use the notebook to make a cluster graph of writing ideas, it can be saved for later, and also printed out for student copies.
If you do not finish a brainstorm, you can save it and return to finish later-much more versatile than writing on the board.
  • drafting
Modeling writing for children, or writing together as a class, works very well with a projected image. You can always go back with the smartboard markers to add thinking, revision ideas, and editing thoughts so the class has a model for their own papers. Each draft and change can be saved with a different name so that you can review the whole process with the students, even if the writing takes place over a long period of time.
  • revision
  • editing

Virtual Field Trips
  • Organized sites
  • Webcams
  • Other ideas

Mining Primary Documents

Chats/Discussions online
  • with book authors
  • student groups
  • connecting across borders

Video Conferencing

Small group student centers

Online lessons and student activities:
  • Applets
  • Games
  • museums

Software with the board:
  • Inspiration
  • Subject specific (astronomy, etc.)

Playing Games
There are tons of educational games on the internet, many of them work really well with the Smartboard. These are great to use as a reward, as a filler, and as an intro/review of concepts! Sometimes the kids could work in teams, or just come to the board one at a time for a short while, so that they can all have a chance at the game (and it's a group effort to win).